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A taxonomic group of animals that includes spiders, crabs, insects and centipedes whose bodies posses pairs of jointed limbs and in most cases an exoskeleton.

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octopus ink

Animals; Arthropods

A thick blackish or brownish inky fluid that doesn't dissolve into water quickly.It protects the octopus from it's enemies because they get confused because of the octopus ink.


Animals; Arthropods

A member of a group of living things that have eight legs, a body divided into two parts, and no wings.Spiders and scorpions are arachnids.


Animals; Arthropods

A type of insect that feeds by sucking sap from plants. Aphids are small and have small bodies.


Animals; Arthropods

A type of insect that lives in a large, organized group called a colony, which is made up of workers, soldiers, and a queen.


Animals; Arthropods

The sensory feel on the head of an arthropod. Antennae are always present in pairs and can be sensitive to touch, taste, sound and heat. The size and shape of antennae varies widely depending on the ...


Animals; Arthropods

A member of a group of animals whose bodies and legs are divided into segments. The skeleton of arthropods are on the outside and are called exoskeleton.


Animals; Arthropods

The hard material that makes up the outer skeleton of the invertebrates known as arthropods, which includes insects.

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