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Of or pertaining to the study of celestial objects. This includes the physics, chemistry, and evolution of moons, planets, stars, galaxies, and any phenomena that takes place outside the atmosphere of Earth.

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black hole

Physics; Astronomy

An orbit in outer space that is so dense that its gravity will not let anything escape from it.


Physics; Astronomy

Danish scientist who made accurate studies of the planets and stars before the telescope became commonly used.


Physics; Astronomy

The scientific study of what happened inside stars and galaxies and how objects in space move in relation to each other.

Foucault pendulum

Physics; Astronomy

A pendulum that was made by Jean Foucault in 1851 to show that the Earth is rotating.

escape velocity

Physics; Astronomy

The speed at which an object, such as a rocket, must travel in order to escape from a planet's pull of gravity.


Physics; Astronomy

A vehicle that has one or more engines that burn fuel without taking oxygen from the air.


Physics; Astronomy

Tiangong-1 is China's first space laboratory, due to launch on September 29th 2012. It will launch unmanned and orbit the earth for a few weeks until Shenzhou 8 launches, when the 2 constructs will ...

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