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Atmospheric chemistry

A scientific study of the chemistry of the Earth's atmosphere and that of other planets.

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Atmospheric chemistry


Chemistry; Atmospheric chemistry

French scientist who formulated Charles's law in 1787. He was the first person to fill a large balloon with hydrogen gas, making it light enough to fly.

carbon cycle

Chemistry; Atmospheric chemistry

The process by which carbon is constantly exchanged between living things and the environments. Plants and algae absorb carbon.


Chemistry; Atmospheric chemistry

The tendency of two substances that are mixed together to move around until both substances are in all parts of the mixture.


Weather; Atmospheric chemistry

Tiny drops of water floating in the air close to the surface of the Earth. Fog is actually a cloud that has formed near the ground.


Chemistry; Atmospheric chemistry

To change from a liquid to a solid by cooling to the freezing point. Water becomes ice when it freezes.


Chemistry; Atmospheric chemistry

A mixture of carbon dioxide, water vapour, gases, and often soot that is produced by the burning of a material that contains carbon.

fire rainbows

Weather; Atmospheric chemistry

They are technically known as iridescent clouds, a relatively rare phenomenon caused by clouds of water droplets of nearly uniform size. These clouds diffract, or bend, light in a similar manner, ...

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