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Auto engine

Of or relating to the engine that propels an automobile.

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Auto engine

power transmission system

Automotive; Auto engine

It serves to transmit the engine power to the drive wheels.


Automotive; Auto engine

To run at a slow speed or out of gear. Used of a motor vehicle.


Automotive; Auto engine

In automobiles, this is the gas pedal which is attached by linkage to the throttle in the carburetor or to the fuel injection system.

AI shift

Automotive; Auto engine

One of the modern ECT features, it provides the ability to "read" the driver's intentions and to "read" hills, AI Shift Control is a transmission algorithm designed to manage the shift regime ...

crank up

Automotive; Auto engine

To cause to start or get started.


Automotive; Auto engine

The tendency of a force to rotate an object about an axis, fulcrum, or pivot.

diverter valve

Automotive; Auto engine

valve used in certain automotive emission control systems

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