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Terms related to the system of traditional medicine native to India.

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Saal an der Donau

Alternative therapy; Aromatherapy

Saal an der Donau est une commune de Bavière (Allemagne), située dans l'arrondissement de Kelheim, dans le district de Basse-Bavière.


Alternative therapy; Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an alternative traditional medicine system from India which appeared during the Vedic period in India. It takes in account 5 elements as the principal component of the universe: earth, ...

abhyantar snehana

Alternative therapy; Ayurveda

Internal oleation. Part of Purvakarma it is specifically designed to liquify and dislodge ama from the dhatus.

agni swedana

Alternative therapy; Ayurveda

A procedure used to promote sweating and dilation of channels through heating the body.

alochak pitta

Alternative therapy; Ayurveda

The metabolic function associated with the eye.


Alternative therapy; Ayurveda

Daily oil massage to increase circulation, decrease dryness and reduce vata aggravation.


Alternative therapy; Ayurveda

The element and universal organizing principle of conversion, light and heat.

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