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Bag in box

Of or pertaining to a method of packaging liquids. Bag-in-box, or BiB, consists of bladder made of layers of metallic material inside a cardboard box used for protection and shape.

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Bag in box

storage box

Packaging; Bag in box

A plastic receptacle used for storing a variety of household items or supplies.

bliss boxes

Packaging; Bag in box

The bliss box is a three piece box that is ‘formed’ by a piece of automated machinery. The three pieces of corrugate needed to make this box are shipped flat and separate.


Packaging; Bag in box

The food industry to describe the amount of sugar in beverages. The higher the brix, the higher the sugar content.

carbon dioxide (CO2)

Packaging; Bag in box

Carbon dioxide is a chemical compound containing two oxygen molecules and one carbon molecule. This gas enters the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels, solid waste, trees and wood ...


Packaging; Bag in box

The internal core of laminated papers which are laid down in an S pattern to form flutes (Usually used in the construction of cardboard boxes).

fluorinated gases

Packaging; Bag in box

Hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons, and sulfur hexafluoride are synthetic, powerful greenhouse gases that are emitted from a variety of industrial processes. Fluorinated gases are sometimes used as ...

flow rate

Packaging; Bag in box

The rate at which the product is to be delivered to the filler.

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