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Terms of or pertaining to the game of basketball which involves two teams of five players trying to work together to accumulate points by shooting or dunking a ball through a basket. The team with the most points by the end of the game wins.

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Sports; Basketball

To embarrass an opponent or rival by dunking over him, usually in an emphatic fashion, as is the case most times when a player dunks over another player. Dunks like these occurring in professional ...

dunk of death

Sports; Basketball

This "dunk of death" was performed by Vince Carter during a 2000 Summer Olympics basketball game. Carter, a 6'6 NBA basketball player, dunked while jumping over a 7'2 French player (Frederic Weis). ...


Sports; Basketball

A stat line in which a player enters the game for one minute, and fails to do anything that results in a statistical entry (showing one minute played and zero for all other statistics, resulting in a ...

shut down

Sports; Basketball

In street ball, when a team or player does something so good (fancy dribbling move, play or dunk), it makes the audience go crazy and the game gets put on hold while everyone cheers and acts crazy, ...

Women's National Invitation Tournament

Sports; Basketball

A postseason tournament for NCAA Division I women's basketball teams that do not qualify for the NCAA Tournament. Founded in 1969, the WNIT predates collegiate national championship tournaments for ...

toilet bowl

Sports; Basketball

When the ball hits the rim on a certain angle and then circles around it. The shot can go in or out. Usually the ball will eventually fall in the basket. The farther out the shot usually the ...

glue guy

Sports; Basketball

Often this term is used to refer to a role player on a basketball team who is considered a leader, but not a star player. This player is vital to team success even though they do not put up the best ...

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