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A body of water partially enclosed by land, larger than a cove and smaller than a gulf. Allows access to the sea.

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Shilshole Bay

Water bodies; Bays

Shilshole Bay is the part of Puget Sound east of a line drawn northeasterly from Seattle's West Point in the southwest to its Golden Gardens Park in the northeast. On its shores lie Discovery Park, ...

Skagit Bay

Water bodies; Bays

Skagit Bay is a bay and strait located in the U.S. state of Washington. It is part of the Whidbey Island Basin of Puget Sound. The Skagit River empties into Skagit Bay. To the south, Skagit Bay ...

Union Bay

Water bodies; Bays

Union Bay is part of Lake Washington in Seattle between Webster Point in the Laurelhurst neighborhood to the north (its southernmost point) and Foster Point in the Madison Park neighborhood to the ...

Willapa Bay

Water bodies; Bays

Willapa Bay is a bay located on the southwest Pacific coast of Washington state in the United States. The Long Beach Peninsula separates Willapa Bay from the greater expanse of the Pacific Ocean. ...

Chequamegon Bay

Water bodies; Bays

Chequamegon Bay is an inlet of Lake Superior, in Ashland and Bayfield counties in the extreme northern part of Wisconsin. It lies largely inside the barrier of Chequamegon Point and Long Island, with ...

Sturgeon Bay

Water bodies; Bays

Sturgeon Bay is an arm of Green Bay extending southeastward approximately 10 miles into the Door Peninsula at the city of Sturgeon Bay, located approximately halfway up the Door Peninsula. The bay is ...

Algoa Bay

Water bodies; Bays

Algoa Bay is a wide inlet along the South African east coast, some 425 miles (683 kilometres) east of the Cape of Good Hope. It is bounded in the west by Cape Recife and in the east by Cape Padrone. ...

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