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Bedroom furniture

Bedroom sets, beds, dressers, mattresses, nightstands, wardrobes, etc.

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Bedroom furniture


Apparel; Coats & jackets

The process of converting waste or discarded products into new products with higher quality and new usage. Reworking junk materials into new and improved products. Often associated with recycling, ...


Weddings; Coats & jackets

Environmentally-friendly and ethical design that does not sacrifice quality or style. Both \'green\' and stylish. A combination of trendiness and environment.

bedroom furniture

Home furnishings; Bedroom furniture

Furniture sets that are placed in your bedroom such as bed, dresser, chest of drawers, and nightstand. Some bedroom furniture collections even come with an armoire, chiffonier, or storage chest. ...

blanket chest

Home furnishings; Bedroom furniture

A low box-like check designed for storing blankets often having a hinged top and a drawer near the base.

iron beds

Home furnishings; Bedroom furniture

Term often used to describe beds made of steel that are coated with white or colored protective coatings.

memory foam mattress

Home furnishings; Bedroom furniture

A Memory Foam Mattress is distinguished from a regular ‘inner-coil’ mattress in the way that it is made. Memory foam mattresses are made only with memory foam, which is made from polyurethane with ...


Home furnishings; Bedroom furniture

The bed frame supports the mattress and attaches to the headboard and footboard. They often have self locking devices at each corner and are connected to threaded reinforcements inside the bedposts. ...

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