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Behavior analysis

Behavior analysis is an approach to psychology that concerns itself primarily with observing, analysing and attempting to understand and predict the way humans behave and interact.

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Behavior analysis

Zeigamik effect

Psychology; Behavior analysis

The greater likelihood of remembering an unfinished than a finished task.


Psychology; Behavior analysis

The generation of novel behavior through the recombination and reorganization of existing response classes.


Psychology; Behavior analysis

The features of the verbal behavior shared by the members of a verbal community, including their vocabulary and


Psychology; Behavior analysis

The extent to which observed values represent what the events that are the focus of interpretation. See Indirect measurement and Box 7.


Psychology; Behavior analysis

The extension of concrete terms to complex and/or abstract events or relations for which relevant verbal responses are otherwise unavailable (as when pain is described not by how it feels but rather ...

single-subject research design

Psychology; Behavior analysis

The entire experiment is conducted with a single subject, though it may be replicated with several other subjects.

von restorff effect

Psychology; Behavior analysis

The enhanced likelihood of recall of a distinctive item in a list.

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