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The scientific study of the chemistry of living matter.

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Biology; Biochemistry

A beta-glucan polysaccharide produced by many chromists through photosynthesis.


Biology; Biochemistry

A class of biochemical compounds which includes fats, oils, and waxes.


Biology; Biochemistry

Enzyme which activates luciferin to produce bioluminescence.


Biology; Biochemistry

Poison which interferes with nerve function, usually by affecting the flow of ions through the cell membrane.

nucleic acid

Biology; Biochemistry

Class of biochemical compounds which includes DNA and RNA. They are among the largest molecules known.


Biology; Biochemistry

Unit from which nucleic acids are constructed by polymerization. It contains a sugar, a phosphate group, and an organic base. ATP is a nucleotide.


Biology; Biochemistry

The process of bone formation. Special cells called osteoblasts secrete minerals that combine with a network of collagen fibers, forming the hard bone matrix.

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