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The study of the influence of climate on living organism.

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Biology; Bioclimatology

Capable of being broken down into simpler parts by natural processes, especially by the cation of bacteria.


Biology; Bioclimatology

A group of the same kind of animals, plants, or one-celled organisms living or growing together.

climax community

Biology; Bioclimatology

Stable group of plants and animals that live in balance with each other and with their environments.


Biology; Bioclimatology

A series of events that is repeated over and over again in the same order. The cycle of seasons in temperate climates is made up of spring, summer, winter, and fall.


Biology; Bioclimatology

Having leaves that fall off at the end of a growing season and then grow back again at the beginning of the next growing season.


Biology; Bioclimatology

To pass the summer in a state of inactivity that is similar to sleep. These animals live in hot climates.


Biology; Bioclimatology

Having a warm body temperature that stays about the same even if the temperature of the environment changes.

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