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Boats & ships

Of or relating to transportation vessels that can travel over water.

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Boats & ships

steering system

Transportation; Boats & ships

Its purpose is to control the direction in which the ship travels.

navigating bridge

Transportation; Boats & ships

A superstructure in the center of the ship usually containing the officer's quarters.


Transportation; Boats & ships

Partition fitted to divide the internal part of the ship.

water line

Transportation; Boats & ships

The line down to which the hull sinks into the water.

sea worthiness

Transportation; Boats & ships

The condition of the ship, based on the sufficiency of a vessel in terms of materials construction, equipment, crew and outfit for the trade in which it is employed. Any sort of disrepair to the ...

sea trials

Transportation; Boats & ships

A series of trials conducted by the builders during which the owner's representatives on board act in a consulting and checking capacity to determine if the vessel has met the specifications.

very large container ship (VLCS )

Transportation; Boats & ships

A container vessel able to carry 8000 and more TEU. By mid 2007 a number of VLCS ships had a reported capacity in excess of 13,000-TEU.

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