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Body language

Non-verbal communication using body parts.

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Body language

eye blocking

Communication; Body language

Actions that block negative stimuli from reaching the eye, whether visual or physical. Includes squinting and blocking with a hand.

eye blink rate

Communication; Body language

The rate at which a person blinks. Faster blinking indicates arousal, as the person is keeping their eyes moist.

eyeball assault

Communication; Body language

Overly aggressive eye contact, or eye contact which makes the other person feel uncomfortable, such as men undressing women with their eyes.

eye accessing cues

Communication; Body language

Gaining insight into a person's thoughts based on the movement of their eyes when they are speaking. A person may look one way when accessing a visual memory, and the opposite way when fabricating a ...

eye aversion

Communication; Body language

A reluctance of a person to initiate or maintain eye contact. Indicates that the perosn thinks of themselves as inferior to the other.

extended eye blink

Communication; Body language

A blink that lasts a long time, possibly several seconds. It is performed by arrogant people when they want to shut out the world and retreat into their own mind.

european leg cross

Communication; Body language

When a person crosses one leg over the other above the knee.

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