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Terms of or pertaining to a sport in which the object of the game is to knock over a set of pins by rolling a heavy ball across a defined boundary.

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move in

Sports; Bowling

When a bowler starts from or near the center on the approach.


Sports; Bowling

These are the pins that are knocked down following a spare or following two strikes. These pins are added to the ten or twenty pins, for the spare or strikes, when scoring.

move out

Sports; Bowling

When a bowler starts from or near a corner position on the approach.

fill ball

Sports; Bowling

This is a final third ball in the 10th-frame, thrown after a spare or the second of two strikes. This ball will determine the bowler's final score.

mule ears

Sports; Bowling

A 7-10 split. Also called: bedposts, fence posts, goal posts, snake eyes.

fill frame

Sports; Bowling

See "fill ball"

nose hit

Sports; Bowling

A first ball hit straight on the head-pin. The result is usually a split.

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