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Referring to any block of clay hardened by drying in the sun or burning in a kiln, and their use in building, paving, etc

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Building materials; Bricks

The small end of a brick that has quantity or mortar placed onto it (e.g., the act of buttering a brick's end with mortar).

butt joint

Building materials; Bricks

When two separate boards have their edges placed against each other. This type of joint is not the strongest of joints, however compared to other types of joints it is easy to fit.

brick set

Building materials; Bricks

A wide-blade chisel used for cutting bricks and concrete blocks.


Building materials; Bricks

A concrete masonry unit made with fine aggregate and cement that is shaped in a mold. Any of a variety of shaped light-weight or standard weight masonry units.

bed joint

Building materials; Bricks

The horizontal layer of mortar on which a masonry unit is laid.


Building materials; Bricks

All materials, other than portland cement, water, and aggregates, that are added to concrete, mortar, or grout immediately before or during mixing.


Building materials; Bricks

A layer of bricks or stones that serves as a facing.

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