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Bridge construction and inspection terminologies.

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cellular construction

Construction; Bridge

In early 20th century American suspension bridges, the method of constructing towers from relatively small welded steel box units.

beam bridge

Construction; Bridge

A bridge built of beams, either classified as a short-span or long-span beam bridge, which is supported on beams whose ends rest on piers or abutments.

welded joint

Construction; Bridge

A joint in which the assembled elements and members are united through fusion of metal.


Construction; Bridge

The enlarged lower portion of the substructure or foundation that rests directly on the soil, bedrock or piles; usually below grade and not visible.


Construction; Bridge

The method of making prestressed concrete with steel strands under tension as the concrete sets.


Construction; Bridge

The flat top and bottom plates of a box-girder.

condition ratings

Construction; Bridge

According to the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS), condition ratings are used to describe an existing bridge or culvert compared with its condition if it were new. The ratings are based ...

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