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Buses & coaches

Any long motor vehicle specifically designed to carry passengers.

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Buses & coaches

flat front bus

Automotive; Buses & coaches

A typical type of transit and shuttle buses featuring a flat-nosed front. Most non-articulated transit versions are rear engine; articulated versions may have the engine in the rear of the second ...

Orion International

Automotive; Buses & coaches

Orion International, previously Orion Bus Industries and Ontario Bus Industries in Canada and Bus Industries of America in the United States, was a bus manufacturer based in Mississauga, Ontario, ...

articulated bus

Automotive; Buses & coaches

A bus characterized by two passenger compartments connected in the mid section that bend or flex to allow the bus to maneuver through curves or around corners. Articulated buses are usually more than ...


Automotive; Buses & coaches

Vehicle designed to carry up to about 60 passengers and generally used for city or intercity transportation.


Automotive; Buses & coaches

Literally a Guagua, in the Dominican Republic, as well as many other Latin American countries is a bus. Specifically it's a bus that is in really bad conditions (smashed everywhere, without air ...

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