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barrel capacity

Software; CAM

The barrel capacity is the maximum weight of material that a machine can produce from one forward motion of the ram or screw.

barrel effect

Software; CAM

The barrel effect is the effect of material compressibility while the material is in the barrel of the injection molding machine. This compressibility can be significant. A simulation that calculates ...


Software; CAM

A batch is the quantity of polymer that is made in one operation. A batch is also referred to as a lot In CAE products, batch refers to the execution of consecutive analyses in one operation.

bending moment

Software; CAM

A bending moment is the force or load applied to an entity that produces bending of that entity around an axis.


Software; CAM

A boss is a raised projection in a molded part that usually has a hole in it to provide additional material for supporting a mechanical fastener, such as a screw.

boundary representation solid

Software; CAM

A boundary representation solid is a model format produced from a surface modeling CAD system. The solid is defined as a list of surfaces that enclose a volume.


Software; CAM

A b-spline is a mathematical function that defines free-form curves and surfaces. IGES files that use b-splines instead of parametric splines are generally smaller in size.

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