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Canoeing & kayaking

Terms relating to the recreational activity of using a small skinny boat that is propelled by oars or paddles.

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Canoeing & kayaking


Sports; Canoeing & kayaking

A paddling motion to get the canoe to move sideways.


Sports; Canoeing & kayaking

That part of the boat that is between the stern and amidships. See Stern and Amidships


Sports; Canoeing & kayaking

The very back of a boat.


Sports; Canoeing & kayaking

During flatwater racing these are the people who layout on the starting docks and keep the canoes in place until the race starts.


Sports; Canoeing & kayaking

Having all of the canoe's aligned at the starting line.

alignment judge

Sports; Canoeing & kayaking

His job is to make sure that all of the canoes are lined up correctly at the starting line.


Sports; Canoeing & kayaking

The middle of the canoe, or any boat for that matter, which is halfway between the stem and the stern.

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