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Electrical equipment; Capacitors

Complex electric circuit that is etched onto a tiny slice of a material called semiconductor.


Electrical equipment; Capacitors

The amount-of radiation that will produce one electrostatic unit of ions per cubic centimeter volume.

schering bridge

Electrical equipment; Capacitors

An alternating current form of Wheatstone bridge, used for comparing capacitances or for measuring the phase angle of a capacitor by comparison with a standard capacitor.


Electrical equipment; Capacitors

A material whose resistivity is between that of insulators and conductors. The resistivity is often changed by light, heat, an electric field, or magnetic field. Current flow is often achieved by ...

series lamp operation

Electrical equipment; Capacitors

Refers to ballasts that employ a single current path passing through all lamps operated by the ballast If one lamp should fail, companion lamps operated by the same ballast will also extinguish.


Electrical equipment; Capacitors

Polymeric materials in which the recurring chemical group contains silicon and oxygen atoms as links in the main chain.

sine wave

Electrical equipment; Capacitors

A mathematical function used to represent voltage and current.

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