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Cardiac supplies

Cardiac supplies are tools used for medical procedures relating to the heart.

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Cardiac supplies

silent heart attack

Medical devices; Cardiac supplies

Episodes of heart damage by a blocked coronary artery, but is so subtle that is goes unnoticed. Silent heart attacks, or silent ischemia, can be detected by ECG and other lab techniques.

sinoatrial (S-A) node

Medical devices; Cardiac supplies

The small area in the right atrium that starts the electrical impulse that is transmitted through the heart, causing it to beat. The S-A node is often called the natural pacemaker of the heart.

sinus rhythm

Medical devices; Cardiac supplies

The normal rhythm of the heart, initiated in the S-A node.

special procedures room

Medical devices; Cardiac supplies

A sterile room much like the cardiac catheterization room where specific procedures are performed, such as angiograms and angioplasty.


Medical devices; Cardiac supplies

A tiny, latticed metal tube that is implanted into an artery during an angioplasty. The stent provides scaffolding necessary to hold the artery open and ensure blood flow through the artery.


Medical devices; Cardiac supplies

A lengthwise incision through the breastbone (sternum) that may be made when open-heart surgery is performed.

stress test

Medical devices; Cardiac supplies

A diagnostic test using an ECG machine and a stationary bicycle or treadmill to monitor or assess areas of the heart that may have a decreased blood supply.

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