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Cardiac supplies

Cardiac supplies are tools used for medical procedures relating to the heart.

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Cardiac supplies


Medical devices; Cardiac supplies

Carrying oxygen with it. Blood that carries oxygen from the lungs to all body tissue is oxygenated blood.

pacemaker/pacing system

Medical devices; Cardiac supplies

An implantable system that includes a pulse generator (pacemaker) and one or two leads. The system delivers pacing pulses to the heart when the patient's own rate is too slow to pump enough blood to ...

pacemaker/pacing lead

Medical devices; Cardiac supplies

An electrically insulated conductor that carries signals between the pulse generator (pacemaker) and the heart. Some leads enter the heart through a vein, and other leads attach to the outer surface ...

pacemaker, adaptive-rate

Medical devices; Cardiac supplies

A pulse generator with one or two special sensors designed to recognize changes in the body, such as motion or respiratory patterns. The adaptive-rate pacemaker monitors these body changes and alters ...

pacemaker, dual-chamber

Medical devices; Cardiac supplies

A pacemaker with two leads that can pace and/or sense in two chambers to correct slow heart rhythms. One lead is placed in the right atrium; the other is placed in the right ventricle.

pacemaker, natural

Medical devices; Cardiac supplies

The heart's natural pacemaker, called the sinoatrial or S-A node, which is located in heart's upper right chamber, the right atrium. Electrical impulses originate in the S-A node, which causes the ...

pacemaker, single-chamber

Medical devices; Cardiac supplies

A pulse generator that paces and senses a single heart chamber, either the right atrium or right ventricle.

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