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The heart and blood vessels, by which blood is pumped and circulated through the body.

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Anatomy; Cardiovascular

A tiny blood vessel that connects the smallest arteries to the smallest veins is called capillary.


Anatomy; Cardiovascular

A lump that forms when a liquid, such as blood, thickens and sticks together to form a clot.


Anatomy; Cardiovascular

The flow of blood in the blood vessels of the body, caused by the pumping of the heart.

circulatory system

Anatomy; Cardiovascular

The system that moves blood through the body, made up of the heart and blood vessels is termed as circulatory system.


Anatomy; Cardiovascular

The clear, liquid part of the blood. Serum is plasma from which platelets, which cause blood clots to form, have been removed.

white blood cell

Anatomy; Cardiovascular

A colorless cell that is found in the blood of humans and other vertebrates and helps protect the body from infections.


Anatomy; Cardiovascular

A hollow muscle that pumps blood throughout the blood vessels by repeated, rythmic contractions.

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