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Any ruminant that is bred for food; most especially cows.

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Animals; Cattle

This term is related to the name given to an animal of the cattle group which also include buffaloes and bison.


Animals; Cattle

This term is used to nominate one of the most important native breed of Scotland, considerate the strongest in the bovine family.


Animals; Cattle

Talking about cattle, this term is used to define the act or process of giving a calf birth.


Animals; Cattle

The Brahman is a breed of Zebu cattle. Is one of the most popular breeds of cattle intended for meat processing.


Animals; Cattle

It is the dead body of an animal, one that has been slaughtered for food, with the head, limbs, and entrails removed.


Animals; Cattle

It is a term used to describe those young mammal who have left the breast milk, and replaced it by other nourishment.


Animals; Cattle

This term is related to the flesh of various bovine animals, this meat is processed for being selled and at the end, for eating.

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