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Cell biology

The study of cell structure, physiological properties, interactions with the environment and life cycle.

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Cell biology


Biology; Cell biology

The release of a substance in response to the presence of food or speciÞc neural or hormonal stimulation.

proximal tubule

Biology; Cell biology

The winding section of the renal tubule where most reabsorption of water, sodium, amino acids, and sugar takes place.

matter cycling

Biology; Cell biology

The þow of matter through various organisms and the physical environment of an ecosystem.

euphotic zone

Biology; Cell biology

The upper part of the marine biome where light penetrates and photosynthesis occurs; usually extends to about 200 meters below the water surface.

intracellular parasites

Biology; Cell biology

Viruses that enter a host cell and take over the host's cellular machinery to produce new viral particles.

prey switching

Biology; Cell biology

The tendency of predators to switch to a more readily available prey when one prey species becomes rare; allows the Þrst prey population to rebound and helps prevent its extinction.

primary root

Biology; Cell biology

The Þrst root formed by a plant.

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