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Of or pertaining to the art or technique of making objects of ceramic such as porcelain, earthenware or tile.

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Arts & crafts; Ceramics

Natural tendency of materials in liquid solution to go from area of high concentration to area of lower concentration, resulting in even distribution of materials throughout the glaze melt.

sang-de- boeuf

Arts & crafts; Ceramics

 Ox-blood colour used to describe deep red colour of some glazes


Arts & crafts; Ceramics

In glaze-melt, inclusions which disperse throughout the melt without actually dissolving into the glassy-phase. Examples are titanium or zirconium particles, colloidal copper, or minute air bubbles.


Arts & crafts; Ceramics

Action of a solvent material upon a solid, bringing it into liquid solution. During glaze firing, the point at which the glassy-phase dissolves the sintered structure of the glaze, producing a true ...


Arts & crafts; Ceramics

Process of incising shallow grooves into surface of wet or leather hard clay in cross-hatch pattern before applying slurry and joining pieces.


Arts & crafts; Ceramics

Kiln where exhaust gases exit through flue at floor-level. Requires chimney to develop convection currents needed to draw off exhaust gases. Best system for reduction firing.

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