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Chilldren's literature

Within this category would fall terminology used in describing the literature which would include books and multimedia resources specifically produced for children. This will be of interest to publishers, reviewers, librarians, teachers, parents, college professors and college students studying the literature.

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Chilldren's literature

tracker jacker

Literature; Chilldren's literature

Tracker Jackers are genetically engineered wasps, conceived and created in the Capitol. They are genetically coded to attack anyone or anything that disturbs their nest.


Literature; Chilldren's literature

Jabberjays are a type mutation that consist of all male birds that were created in the Capitol labs to spy on enemies and rebels of the Capitol. Jabberjays had the ability to memorize and repeat ...


Literature; Chilldren's literature

A mockingjay is a bird that was created through the mating of jabberjays and female mockingbirds. They believed it would result in an uprising because the Capitol saw the mockingjay as a failure. ...

Pygmy Puff

Literature; Chilldren's literature

Pigmy puff is a small, fluffy animal bred and sold in Weasley's shop. It is one of their more popular products. Pygmy Puffs resemble little fluffy balls that roll around, squeak, and come in ...

Skiving Snackbox

Literature; Chilldren's literature

A Skiving Snackbox is a range of sweets to make the user appear to be ill. The user develops strange symptoms depending on the type of sweet eaten. The purpose of these were to make a student appear ...

Fainting Fancies

Literature; Chilldren's literature

Fainting Fancies are a type of sweet sold by Fred and George Weasley for their Skiving Snackbox to get students out of lessons. Fainting Fancies are designed to make the eater faint within seconds.

Fever Fudge

Literature; Chilldren's literature

Fever Fudge is a type of sweet made by Fred and George Weasley for their Skiving Snackbox. Fever Fudge is designed to make the one who eats it get a high fever within seconds of eating it.

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