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Chinese history

The Mandarins

History; Chinese history

The nobles and aristocrats of Ancient China, said to be the courtesy of Chinese kings of that time, also traditional Chinse, spoken today in China as the official language of the state is called ...

Mandate of Heaven

History; Chinese history

The Mandate of Heaven is a traditional Chinese philosophical concept concerning the legitimacy of rulers. It is similar to the European concept of the divine right of kings, in that both sought to ...

Rape of Nanjing

History; Chinese history

The Rape of Nanjing is a largely unknown massacre during World War II where invading Japanese soldiers massacred and raped thousands of Chinese citizens, and pillaged the village of Nanjing.

Zheng He

History; Chinese history

Zheng He (1371–1433)was a Muslim Hui-Chinese mariner, explorer, diplomat and fleet admiral, who commanded voyages to Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, East Africa, and the Horn of Africa ...

class struggle

History; Chinese history

In Marxist terms, the conflict waged by the masses of the workers and the oppressed under the leadership of the communist party against the privileged, oppressive, and property-owning ruling class. ...

four cardinal principles

History; Chinese history

Socialism; dictatorship of the proletariat; supporting the party leadership; and Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought. In vogue in China since 1979.

mass line

History; Chinese history

Term for party policy aimed at broadening and cultivating contacts with the masses of the people and to accentuate the leadership role of the Chinese Communist Party.

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