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Christian theology

The systematic study of the nature of God and religion.

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Christian theology

Cappadocian fathers

Religion; Christian theology

The collective name of the three major Greek-speaking writers of the patristic period: Basil of Caesarea, Gregory of Nazianzen, and Gregory of Nyssa, all of whom date from the late fourth century. ...

Enlightenment, The

Religion; Christian theology

A term used since the nineteenth century to refer to the emphasis upon human reason and autonomy characteristic of much of western European and North American thought during the eighteenth century.


Religion; Christian theology

The religious ideas associated with Martin Luther, particularly as expressed in the Lesser Catechism (1529) and the Augsburg Confession (1530). A series of internal disagreements within Lutheranism ...


Religion; Christian theology

An early trinitarian heresy, which treated the three persons of the Trinity as different historical manifestations of the one God.


Religion; Christian theology

The distinctively Christian doctrine of God, which reflects the complexity of the Christian experience of God. The doctrine is usually summarized in maxims such as "three persons, one God. "


Religion; Christian theology

The term used in the present volume to refer to the sacrament variously known as "the mass," "the Lord's supper," and "holy communion. "


Religion; Christian theology

The section of Christian theology dealing with the theory of the church.

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