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A usually ornate building for religious worship, especially in the Christian religion.

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St. Nicholas Church

Architecture; Churches

St. Nicholas Church, located at the intersection of the Republic and Railway Station, was founded in 1777 by Prince Alexander Ypsilanti. Built on the foundation stone, it is adorned on the outside ...

Stavropoleos Church

Architecture; Churches

Built in 1724, this beautiful church is one of Bucharest's oldest. Beautiful, well preserved, a real jewel of the Old Town. Do not miss it!

Stanford Memorial Church

Architecture; Churches

Located in the Main Quad, the Stanford Memorial Church is the physical heart of the campus, replete with stained glass windows, mosaics, and stone carvings. Also referred to informally as MemChu, the ...

St. Anna's Cathedral

Architecture; Churches

The catholic cathedral of St. Anna was originally built in 1721 with baroque style. It was repaired and expanded with towers in 1834 by Ferenc Povolny after being damaged by the conflagration in ...

Red Church

Architecture; Churches

This reformed church got its commonly used name from the red colour of the bricks. Its exceptional value is given by the secco painted by Jenő Haranghy, which is unusual to see in a reformed church.

St. Stephen's Cathedral

Architecture; Churches

St. Stephen's Cathedral is the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna and the seat of the Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn. The current Romanesque and Gothic ...

Catedrala Burgos

Architecture; Churches

Catedrala Burgos este o catedrală romano-catolică, în stil gotic, în Burgos, Spania. Este dedicată Fecioarei Maria şi este celebră pentru mărimea sa şi arhitectura unică. Iniţial, a fost construită ...

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