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Citrus fruit

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Citrus fruit

meyer lemon

Fruits & vegetables; Citrus fruit

A citrus fruit native to China thought to be a cross between a true lemon and either a mandarin or common orange.It is yellow and rounder than a true lemon. The skin is fragrant and thin, coloured a ...


Fruits & vegetables; Citrus fruit

The fruit of the tree Tamarindus indica, a brown pod containing one to twelve seeds embedded in a soft brown sticky acid pulp, valued for its laxative qualities and also used to make chutney, cooling ...

kaffir lime

Fruits & vegetables; Citrus fruit

Citrus hystrix is a thorny bush, 5-10m tall, with aromatic and distinctively shaped "double" leaves. The kaffir lime is a rough, bumpy green fruit. The green lime fruit is distinguished by ...

desert lime

Fruits & vegetables; Citrus fruit

Citrus glauca is also known as Desert Lime. It is a thorny shrub or small tree native to Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia. The desert lime fruit is a highly prized bushfood used in a ...

finger lime

Fruits & vegetables; Citrus fruit

The Australian Finger Lime plant, Citrus australasica is a thorny understorey shrub or small tree of lowland subtropical rainforest and dry rainforest in the coastal border region of Queensland and ...

Greek citron

Fruits & vegetables; Citrus fruit

The Greek citron variety of citrus medica (Hebrew: אתרוג קורפו‎ or יְוָנִי) was botanically classified by Adolf Engler as the "variety etrog". This is remarking on its major use for the ...


Fruits & vegetables; Citrus fruit

Kabosu is a juicy green citrus fruit closely related to the yuzu with the sharpness of lemon, used instead of vinegar in some Japanese dishes. It grows on a flowering plant with sharp thorns, and the ...

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