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The Marriage of Figaro

Music; Classical

The Marriage of Figaro is an opera buffa (comic opera) composed in 1786 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The opera is made up of four acts and is a continuation of the play, The Barber of Seville. It is ...

Don Giovanni

Music; Classical

Don Giovanni is an opera composed in 1787 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The opera consists of two acts and centres on Don Giovanni, a young, arrogant and promiscuous nobleman, who takes advantage of ...

Cossì fan tutte

Music; Classical

Cossì fan tutte is an opera buffa (comic opera) written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and first performed in 1790. The plot is based on two soldiers and their fiancées, and a test of their fidelity when ...

Die Zauberflöte

Music; Classical

Die Zauberflöte, or the Magic Flute, is an opera in two acts composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1791. The opera is noted for its many Masonic elements, since Mozart was a Freemason. The opera is ...

cyclic form

Music; Classical

A large form, such as a symphony, in which certain themes come back in various different movements.


Music; Classical

The raising and lowering a pitch of an instrument to produce the correct tone of a note.


Music; Classical

Work; opus numbers provide a means of cataloguing a composer's compositions.

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