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Clinical trials

Clinical trials are sets of tests performed for medical research and drug development which is used to extract safety and efficacy data.

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Clinical trials


Pharmaceutical; Clinical trials

A method based on chance by which study participants are assigned to a treatment group. Randomization minimizes the differences among groups by equally distributing people with particular ...

randomized trial

Pharmaceutical; Clinical trials

A study in which participants are randomly (i.e., by chance) assigned to one of two or more treatment arms of a clinical trial. Occasionally placebos are utilized.


Pharmaceutical; Clinical trials

participants are currently being recruited and enrolled

recruitment status

Pharmaceutical; Clinical trials

Indicates the current stage of a trial, whether it is planned, ongoing, or completed. Possible values include

not yet recruiting

Pharmaceutical; Clinical trials

participants are not yet being recruited or enrolled

enrolling by invitation

Pharmaceutical; Clinical trials

participants are being (or will be) selected from a predetermined population

active, not recruiting

Pharmaceutical; Clinical trials

study is ongoing (i.e., patients are being treated or examined), but enrollment has completed

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