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Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the science of employing shared resources over a network to process and store data rather than relying on local servers.

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Cloud computing

create term

Technology; Cloud computing

Create term is the feature within BLossary.com that allows the users to create a brand new term. Create term differs to add term as the create term feature does not automatically assign the term into ...

create Blossary

Technology; Cloud computing

Create Blossary is a feature within Blossary.com that allows users to create brand new Blossaries. A Blossary is a collection of related terms which a user can create new or collect existing terms ...


Technology; Cloud computing

A Blossary is a cloud based folder that contains related terms that are associated with the Blossary's name. Users can add brand new terms or collect existing terms into a Blossary.

add term

Technology; Cloud computing

Add term is the feature used withing Blossary.com to add a new term directly into an existing Blossary. Create term differs to add term as the create term feature does not automatically assign the ...

cloud encryption gateways

Technology; Cloud computing

Cloud encryption gateways provide cloud security proxy (typically at the application level), which performs encryption, tokenization or both on an item-by-item basis as data flows through the proxy. ...

cloud sourcing deals anatomy

Technology; Cloud computing

Capacity overdrafting or cloudbursting are interchangeable terms that refer to the ability to acquire more capacity from a different cloud infrastructure automatically when the primary cloud ...

cloud service elasticity

Technology; Cloud computing

In the service provider view, cloud service elasticity is the ability to increase or decrease the amount of system capacity (for example, CPU, storage, memory and input/output bandwidth) that is ...

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