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Of, or pertaining to the aerosol that is suspended in the atmosphere above planet's surface.

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Weather; Clouds

Cirrostratus clouds belong to the High Cloud (5000-13000m) group. They are sheetlike thin clouds that usually cover the entire sky. The sun or moon can shine through cirrostratus clouds. Sometimes, ...


Weather; Clouds

Cumulus clouds belong to the Clouds with Vertical Growth group. They are puffy white or light gray clouds that look like floating cotton balls. Cumulus clouds have sharp outlines and a flat base. ...

cumulus humilis

Weather; Clouds

Cumulus humilis clouds are common in the summer and are associated with fair weather. They are usually widely spaced in the sky, have a flat base and rounded tops, and sometimes they look like sheep ...


Weather; Clouds

Cirrus clouds are the most common of the High Cloud (5000-13000m) group. They are composed entirely of ice and consist of long, thin, wispy streamers. They are commonly known as "mare's tails" ...


Weather; Clouds

Cirrocumulus clouds belong to the High Cloud group (5000-13000m). They are small rounded puffs that usually appear in long rows. Cirrocumulus are usually white, but sometimes appear gray. ...

cumulus congestus

Weather; Clouds

Cumulus congestus clouds are much larger, look like cauliflower, and are associated with bad weather.

roll cloud

Weather; Clouds

A type of rare and tube-shaped cloud formation created by a cold front ploughing under the warm, moist air that's closer to the ground. Roll clouds belong to a family of low-forming clouds known as ...

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