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Coastal engineering

A branch of civil engineering that applies engineering principles specifically to projects within the coastal zone including areas nearshore, estuary, marine, and shoreline.

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Coastal engineering

oscillatory wave

Engineering; Coastal engineering

A wave in which each individual particle oscillates about a point with little or no permanent change in mean position. The term is commonly applied to progressive oscillatory waves in which only the ...

littoral cell

Engineering; Coastal engineering

A reach of the coast that is isolated sedimentologically from adjacent coastal reaches and that features its own sources and sinks. Isolation is typically caused by protruding headlands, submarine ...


Engineering; Coastal engineering

A surface that represents a break in the geologic record, with the rock unit immediately above it being considerably younger than the rock beneath. There are three major aspects to consider: # Time. ...


Engineering; Coastal engineering

(1) The flowing of water, or other liquid or gas. (2) That portion of a stream of water which is moving with a velocity much greater than the average or in which the progress of the water is ...

hydraulic radius

Engineering; Coastal engineering

Quotient of the wetted cross-sectional area and the wetted perimeter.


Engineering; Coastal engineering

Line connecting points on the seabed with an equal depth of sediment.

rayleigh distribution

Engineering; Coastal engineering

A model probability distribution, commonly used in analysis of waves.

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