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Of or pertaining to a private establishment that primarily sells coffee. However, coffeehouses will also sell other hot beverages and provide a quiet place to pass the time.

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Language; Linguistics

The newly coined word in 2005 written as 'A woman who consumes luxurious brand and depends on her boyfriend or parents for the consumption' in dictionary. It refers to women who spend money for even ...

blade grinder

Restaurants; Coffehouses

A blade grinder, also known as propeller grinder is a machine that chops material while mixing it, by means of a high-speed spinning blade.

batch roaster

Restaurants; Coffehouses

Device that roasts a given quantity (a batch) of coffee at a time. The drum roasting machine runs quietly due to the high fiber insulation and no pulleys or chains in its design.

automatic filter-drip coffee makers

Restaurants; Coffehouses

They are coffee machines or brewers that automatically heat and measure water into a filter and filter receptacle containing the ground coffee.


Restaurants; Coffehouses

The fragrance produced by hot, freshly brewed coffee. Aroma, along with flavor, acidity, and body, is one of the principal categories used by professional tasters in cupping, or sensory evaluation of ...

continuous roaster

Restaurants; Coffehouses

Large commercial coffee roaster that roasts coffee continuously rather than in batches. Continuous roasters produce roasted coffee at a fixed rate (lbs per hour).


Restaurants; Coffehouses

Non-dairy creamers or coffee whiteners are liquid or granular substances intended to substitute for milk or cream as an additive to coffee or other beverages.

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