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Referring to an artificial, stonelike material used for various structural purposes, that is made from the drying and hardening of cement.

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flatwork forms

Building materials; Concrete

Metal or wood forms used in concrete flatwork placement. These forms are typically used for edge forming, sidewalks, driveways, footings, industrial slabs, foundations, patios, general flatwork, and ...


Building materials; Concrete

Common word for concrete floors, driveways, basements, and sidewalks.

flash set

Building materials; Concrete

The rapid development of rigidity in a mixed Portland cement paste, mortar or concrete usually with the evolution of considerable heat, which rigidity cannot be dispelled nor can the plasticity be ...

fixed nose form

Building materials; Concrete

A metal concrete pouring form with a fixed nose piece to allow it to interlock with the rear section of another form creating a solid interconnection. Fixed nose forms must be removed in order or ...


Building materials; Concrete

Leveling, smoothing, compacting, and otherwise treating surfaces of fresh or recently placed concrete to produce the desired appearance and service.

fineness modulus

Building materials; Concrete

An index of fineness or coarseness of an aggregate sample. An empirical factor determined by adding total percentages of an aggregate sample retained on each of a specified series of sieves, and ...

fine aggregate

Building materials; Concrete

Aggregate passing the 3/8-in. Sieve and almost entirely passing the No. 4(4. 76 mm) sieve and predominantly retained on the No. 200 (74 micron) sieve(ASTM125).

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