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Contract manufacturing

The manufacturing of goods and products by one company under the label or brand of another. Contract manufacturing is a process in which one company outsources part or the entire manufacturing production to another company for such benefits as cost savings, improved quality, increased ROI, reduced safety risks, enhanced business focus, and faster speed.

Contributors in Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing


Manufacturing; Contract manufacturing

Founded in 1974 in Taiwan, Hon Hai Precision Industry Company Ltd., the anchoring company of Foxconn Technology Group, is a leading provider of contract manufacturing service to global computer, ...


Manufacturing; Contract manufacturing

A general term in CAM editing refers to step/repeat and other CAM editing to prepare data in panel format.


Manufacturing; Contract manufacturing

The variables which determine the dimensions of a machined part as well as the operational sequence of the machine tools used to produce the part.

photo plotting or photo plot

Manufacturing; Contract manufacturing

Photoplotting is an electronic optical process to scan rasterized image data on films. Some times referred to as laser plotting.


Manufacturing; Contract manufacturing

Types of holes on circuit board generally used as for component pins and vias. The wall of these holes/slots are plated thus circuit between layers are connected.


Manufacturing; Contract manufacturing

A PCB panel format with board units punched out form the panel then reset back into the same location by a second operation.

radial leaded component

Manufacturing; Contract manufacturing

Radial leaded components are standing type discrete components, examples are disc capacitors and TO-92 type transistors.

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