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Control systems

Of or relating to systems used in the closed area of a spacecraft to permit life to be sustained, so that occupants are provided with a suitably controlled atmosphere in which to live and work.

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Control systems

navigation light assembly

Aerospace; Control systems

Light on an airplane that indicates the plane's position and orientation; red light on the left (port) wing tip and green light on the right (starboard) wing tip.

admition and disposition (AAD)

Aerospace; Control systems

Admission and disposition of the personal in aeronautics.


Aerospace; Control systems

Device used with turbine rotor to prevent blade tip losses and excessive vibrations. The shrouded blades can be thinner than unprotected ones.

simplex nozzles

Aerospace; Control systems

Single-orifice channels through which highly atomized and accurately shaped sprays of fuel go into the combustion chamber.

solvent immersion

Aerospace; Control systems

Cleaning method in which parts are immersed in solvent to remove carbon,gum, grease, and other surface contaminants.


Aerospace; Control systems

Dimension of an airfoil from tip to tip or from root to tip.


Aerospace; Control systems

Any principal structural member in an airfoil running from tip to tip or root to tip.

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