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Industrial machinery; Conveyors

Straight portion after a curve conveyor.

variable speed

Industrial machinery; Conveyors

A drive or power transmission mechanism that includes a speed changing device.


Industrial machinery; Conveyors

A drive belt having a trapezoidal cross section for operation degrees over grooved sheaves. Its shape permits wedging contact between belt sides and grooves walls for transmission of power.

zero line pressure accumulating conveyor

Industrial machinery; Conveyors

A type of conveyor designed to have zero build-up of pressure between adjacent packages or cartons.

drive sprocket

Industrial machinery; Conveyors

The sprockets used in the power transmission arrangement found in the conveyor drive unit. The sprocket sizes are selected to provide some mechanical advantage and give the desired conveyor speed ...

drive chain

Industrial machinery; Conveyors

The chain used to transmit power from the motor/gearbox to the drive pulley or rollers.


Industrial machinery; Conveyors

A device used to change direction of an object. This device could be a pusher, deflector arm or wheel type device. Pushers and wheel type devices are used to sort commodity into desired lines from a ...

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