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The process of preparing food, usually with heat.

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hot dog

Culinary arts; Cooking

The term for one of America's favorite sandwiches (the other being the hamburger), which consists of a frankfurter in an oblong-shaped bun with any of various toppings including mustard, ketchup, ...


Culinary arts; Cooking

The term fowl is used generally to refer to any edible, mature, wild or domestic bird. Specifically, a fowl (also called hen or stewing chicken) is a female chicken over 10 months old and usually ...

hard sauce

Culinary arts; Cooking

The traditional accompaniment for plum pudding, hard sauce is made by beating butter, sugar and flavoring together until smooth and creamy. The sugar can be confectioners', granulated or brown. The ...


Culinary arts; Cooking

The tropical, evergreen cacao tree is cultivated for its seeds (also called beans), from which cocoa butter, chocolate and cocoa powder are produced.


Culinary arts; Cooking

The type most commonly found in American markets is the Pacific barracuda (also called California barracuda), which usually ranges from 4 to 8 pounds. It's a firm-textured fish with a moderate fat ...

English walnut

Culinary arts; Cooking

The United States (mainly California) is the world's leading producer of the English walnut (also called Persian walnut). It's grown in several other countries including China, France, India, Iran, ...


Culinary arts; Cooking

The word "acid" comes from the Latin acidus, meaning "sour. " All acids are sour to some degree. Sourness (acidity) is found in many natural ingredients such as vinegar (acetic acid), wine (tartaric ...

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