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Terms in relation to machines that scan documents as a single bitmap image and print a copy of the image to another piece of paper.

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Office equipment; Copiers

The Yield is defined as the number of copies a particular consumable (toner, developer) can support. The Yield for toner for example, can be calculated by estimating the number of copies made per ...


Office equipment; Copiers

In the same way as a PC uses memeory, so also does a photocopier machine. Memory is simply a hardware component that stores data . A digital copier needs memory to perform things such as scanning ...

convenience copying

Office equipment; Copiers

Convenience copying is simply the act of using the scanning function in a fax machine to make a quick copy.

copier counter

Office equipment; Copiers

A useful management tool, the Copier Counter keep a numerical record of the number of copies produced. Sometimes they are not easy to find, but a quick look under the plate glass can usually reveal ...

copies per minute (CPM)

Office equipment; Copiers

The number of standard single-sided copies a copier can make per minute.

cost of ownership

Office equipment; Copiers

Consumables such as paper and toner, as well as service contracts are all part of the price equation when considering a new digital copier. This is called the Cost of Ownership, and it determines the ...

desktop copier

Office equipment; Copiers

Still a popular choice especially in the small business environment, or where space is at a premium, a Desktop Copier easily sits on a desktop or table. No stand required, these are often Segment 1 ...

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