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Coral reefs

Coral reefs are structures formed from the calcium carbonate secretions of corals. They are colonies of tiny animals in marine areas containing few nutrients.

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Coral reefs


Natural environment; Coral reefs

With small nodules, knobs or swellings.


Natural environment; Coral reefs

A deep and narrow depression cutting across the reef front with origins relating to jointing planes in the reef limestone or non-limestone bedrock.


Natural environment; Coral reefs

A large family (Pomacentridae) of bony fishes which are abundant and common inhabitants of coral reefs. They possess robust, deep, and laterally compressed bodies. The majority of damselfishes do not ...

complementary resources

Natural environment; Coral reefs

A pair of resources for which consumption by the consumer of one resource reduces its requirement for the other.


Natural environment; Coral reefs

A small antenna, especially the first pair of antennae in crustaceans.


Natural environment; Coral reefs

A tooth-bearing structure found in most mollusks, except bivalves. It consists of several muscles and a cartilage which support the radula and radula sac; the term is also applied to the radula ...

free radical

Natural environment; Coral reefs

An atom or group of atoms possessing an unpaired electron; free radicals are highly reactive and bind with other molecules, thus disrupting normal cellular processes and causing cellular damage ...

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