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Corn science

The science of growing corn as a crop.

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Corn science

drawbar work

Agriculture; Corn science

Any operation performed by a tractor that requires force to be exerted by wheels/tracks to propel an implement through or over the soil.

ridge tillage

Agriculture; Corn science

The soil is left undisturbed from harvest to planting except for strips up to 1/3 of the row width. Planting is completed on the ridge and usually involves the removal of the top of the ridge. ...


Agriculture; Corn science

Tolerance to stalk cannibalization indicates a corn hybrid’s capacity not to exhaust its stalk reserves when it lacks nitrogen during a long season. Cannibalization empties the inside of stalks, ...

feed grain

Agriculture; Corn science

Any of a number of grains used for livestock or poultry feed. Corn and sorghum are feed grains.


Agriculture; Corn science

Planted with a grain drill. Grain drills differ from row crop planters in that they do not meter individual seeds, but drop small groups of seed in a process referred to as bulk metering. Drills ...

forage crop

Agriculture; Corn science

Annual or perennial crops grown primarily to provide feed for livestock. During harvesting operations, most of the aboveground portion of the plant is removed from the field and processed for later ...


Agriculture; Corn science

Generic term for introducing seed into the soil-air-water matrix, typically via a mechanized process that will maximize the likelihood of subsequent seed germination and plant growth.

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