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Corporate real estate is the use or possession of land by a corporation usually to be used for the profit of the company in posession of the land. Corporate real estate can be held for the purpose of land value appreciation, manufacturing, offices, natural resource extration, etc.

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Real estate; Corporate

In geodesy - adjustment of a local network.

ab intestat

Real estate; Corporate

Intestate - succession to property that has not been disposed of by a valid testament.


Real estate; Corporate

A rule equipped with simple sights and used for determination of direction as a part of a surveying instrument.


Real estate; Corporate

Close or near, sharing a border, wall, or point.

computation of adjustment

Real estate; Corporate

A process designed to remove inconsistencies in measured or computed quantities by applying derived corrections to compensate for random, or accidental errors.

survey beacon

Real estate; Corporate

Survey pole, signal (USA), object or structure located at or near a survey station and used as a sighting point оr target for survey measurements.


Real estate; Corporate

A contour line, on a marine map or chart, joins points of equal elevation (height) below mean sea level.

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