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Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is a special branch of plastic surgery concerned with the modification or improvement of the appearance of a physical feature, irregularity, or defect.

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Cosmetic surgery


Beauty; Cosmetic surgery

A protein found with collagen in the dermis that is responsible for giving structure to the skin and organs.

varicose vein

Beauty; Cosmetic surgery

Enlarged, twisted veins found near the surface of the skin.


Beauty; Cosmetic surgery

A hair removal procedure in which chemicals or heat is used to destroy the hair follicle.

winter itch

Beauty; Cosmetic surgery

A condition in which the skin becomes irritated due to a loss of moisture. Winter itch is common in the winter when the air is drier, thus its name.


Beauty; Cosmetic surgery

A term referring to below the skin.


Beauty; Cosmetic surgery

A skin condition in which there is excessive pigmentation that's often seen as dark spots on the skin.

azelaic acid

Beauty; Cosmetic surgery

A naturally occurring substance that can be used in skin care products to treat mild acne.

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