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Of or relating to any product used to enhance and beautify the appearance or odour of the human body.

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Cosmetics & skin care; Cosmetics

A substance that is used for washing and cleaning. Soaps are made by combining something containing sodium with animal fat.


Cosmetics & skin care; Cosmetics

It's a product that darken the skin to make it look naturally tanned. It also makes the the person look a little thinner.


Cosmetics & skin care; Cosmetics

It has been used in cosmetics for centuries, it's one of the most common ingredients used in cosmetics. It's mostly used for emulsifying properties.


Cosmetics & skin care; Cosmetics

It is a foundation finish that looks fresh and glowing, usually with a slight sheen. This is normally a technique seen in Asian makeup.


Cosmetics & skin care; Cosmetics

Photoaging means the skin has damaged too much caused by too much exposure to the sun. Photoaging could lead to early wrinkling, more wrinkling, age spots and freckles.


Cosmetics & skin care; Cosmetics

The toner is a part of the facial cleansing system. It's used after the cleanser, and cleans any last traces of dirt that may be left, as well as returning the skin to its natural pH.


Cosmetics & skin care; Cosmetics

Is a cosmetic beauty treatments for the hands and the nails. You can do it at home or go to a professional place to get it done.

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