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Case is a legal dispute.It is the matter on which an attorney is working for the client and is termed as a case.


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To make sure or certain.This term is often related to the process by which an appeal is taken from one level of appellate court to the highest level of appellate court.


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Charge is to make a claim or allegation.It may refer to a judge's instructions to the jury.


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It is a geographical or subject-matter related; jurisdictional court boundary such as California circuit court.

ex parte communication

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Communication with the court that occurs without notifying the other side of the contents of that communication; generally not allowed.

ex parte hearing

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A hearing at court where only one party is present; temporary restraining order are heard ex parte.

expert witness

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A witness called to testify about a specific area relevant to the trial, such as a finger print expert or a doctor.

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